What Books Should I Read to Get Better at Poker?

Looking for a gift for the poker player in your life? Or Maybe you are just trying to find the place to buy ALL the poker books YOU need to take your game to the next level. From cash games to tournament poker and PLO to Hold ‘Em, D&B Publishing has an entire library of essential poker books to complete any library.

With over 40 poker books in print, many others in production and 17 audiobooks, D&B is where poker players go when they want the highest quality content, written by the most respected authors in the poker world.

This video takes a peek at
Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker – The Essential Guide
This new, expanded, fully updated and revised, edition of ‘Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker’ is a landmark in poker publishing.

Modern Poker Theory – Acclaimed by many as the best poker book ever written, Modern Poker Theory has made an impact that few poker books ever have.

Jonathan Little’s Excelling at Tough No-Limit Hold’em Games – is a must-have book if you have ambitions to move up the stakes.

Poker Brat
Phil is undoubtedly the greatest poker player of our time. In Poker Brat Phil discusses his life and also shares his own tips and techniques that he used to reach the summit of the poker world.

Why Alex Beats Bobbie at Poker
A specialist in the mathematics of poker and poker education, Duncan Palamourdas takes the reader on a journey through human psychology, game theory, easy-to-understand mathematics and even philosophy in order to help answer the question.

Mastering Small Stakes Cash Games
In order to succeed in cash play it is essential to have a rock solid pre-flop and post-flop game-plan. However, there are other factors to successful play that are often neglected and highly experience poker player Evan Jarvis take you through them in order to help you master playing Cash Games.

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