Andrew Neeme Buys Card Room with Doug Polk & Brad Owen

Andrew Neeme is one of the best content creators in the poker industry. He and fellow vlogger Brad Owen essentially created the “meet-up game.” During their travels they wanted to try to start their own card room where they could integrate content, fans and best poker practices. However, the logistics seemed insurmountable until…Doug Polk. Doug Polk completed the content/poker trifecta and the 3 poker crushes decided to join forces with The Lodge in Austin, Texas.

Sarah Herring talks to Andrew Neeme about this major shift and what it means for him as a poker player, content creator and person.

00:00 – Downtown Las Vegas
01:20 – Getting Married!!
05:00 – The Story of Coming to buy a card room in Texas
10:00 – How buying the card room will change content possibilities
14:00 – Being bored with elements of content creation after 5 years
17:00 – Coming up with new and creative content
22:30 – Relationship with viewers
24:00 – Being “poker famous”
26:00 – The Future for Andrew Neeme
29:30 – Sarah’s First Tornado

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